For example, I hit my irons so pure last year at Augusta, and because of that, I had a ton of good looks at birdie. Woods led the field in greens in regulation at Augusta National, hitting 58 of 72 greens overall and 47 of 54 over his last three rounds. Owner: PGA Tour (YouTube), To view this video please enable JavaScript, and use a modern browser. I stop with a 2 iron. NCG contributors. Owner: PGA Tour (YouTube), To view this video please enable JavaScript, and use a modern browser. “If I want to hit a cut shot, I’m going to have a little more body speed because, obviously, the cut’s not going to go as far. We have 33 videos of Tiger Woods's golf swing, beginning from the age of 19 in 1994. "I can honestly say that Rotary Swing has completely revolutionized the way I think about the golf swing...The website is, Tiger Woods swing changes under Hank Haney, Click here to learn about our Premium Membership. I want to hit it as low and flat and hard as I possibly can, and you'll see that as we advance through to the next frame. What I want to show you is some of the tricks to playing this shot. If you would like to learn more about Tiger Woods swing, click here for a full breakdown of Tiger Woods swing changes under Hank Haney. Employing Tiger Woods infamous "Stinger" shot, I can hit my 2 iron 260+ yards, very low, very under control and very straight. Driver swing / Face on You've really got to make sure that you hit down on the ball and keep the hands leading through impact as you can see here - my hands are well ahead of the club - in order to keep that ball coming out very, very low and get through the wind. and Iron swing / Down the line No Thanks! Wedge from the rough at 13th hole of Pebble Beach US Open Goes onto beat Phil by 1 stroke I’m not one of the longest hitters on tour anymore­—I can’t hit a wedge 150-plus yards like some guys do—so my iron game is absolutely critical to my success at this stage. “How can I get this ball to keep it from peeking above the tree-line? As he starts down from the top and his hips and torso turn toward the target, he still remains very balanced and stacked over his trail foot. We'll let him explain, by I like to find a balanced and athletic posture that’s free of any tension in my arms or shoulders. You can do it with even a 4 iron or a 5 iron, just depending on the tees that you play, the distance that you hit the ball, club head speed, etc. That birdie gave me a two-shot lead and firm control of the tournament. I’ve always shaped the golf ball both ways. By quieting excessive lower-body motion, Woods has more stability in his swing, giving him greater balance. I hit this one straight so it's not going to draw too much. Driver at the Old Course (St. Andrews) during the Open Championship, which Tiger won Again, I’m a shotmaker at heart, and one of my favorite parts of playing golf is carving iron shots. Driver swing / Down the line And the object of the game was how could you take spin off? Tiger Woods Wikipedia bio & career results. If you make a flat turn, the tendency is to drag the club inside the target line and then re-route it on a steep, out-to-in path into the ball. For example, sometimes it’s more important to have the ball working away from a hazard than toward the flag. I was sliding a bit, which made it nearly impossible to get the hip rotation I needed to hit my cut. Iron from the rough at the 2000 US Open, which Tiger wins by 15 strokes Owner: ESPN (YouTube), To view this video please enable JavaScript, and use a modern browser. However, the LENGTH of the woods (and long irons), makes two things different. | September 5, 2019 | Instruction. Owner: NBC (YouTube), To view this video please enable JavaScript, and use a modern browser. The key move, the one amateurs should strive to copy, Leadbetter says, is letting speed build as it approaches the ball and swinging the club fastest through impact. I don't want to be a better golfer. Owner: PGA Tour (YouTube), To view this video please enable JavaScript, and use a modern browser. Tiger won the US Amateur Championship at TPC Sawgrass, becoming youngest ever to win it I like to let the course dictate what type of shot I’m trying to hit. Owner: PGA Tour (YouTube), To view this video please enable JavaScript, and use a modern browser. Instant access to the latest news, videos and photos from around the world of golf. Both of them are full swings. My baseline is to be as neutral as possible at address, with everything square to the target—then I’ll make adjustments to my stance and clubface for a draw or a fade, or for a low shot or a high shot. 9 iron in sudden death playoff hole vs Davis Love III to win his first PGA Tour event, the Las Vegas Invitational in 1996 I like to think that my follow-through determines how high the ball is going to launch. 2020 © - all rights reserved. All rights reserved. Driver swing / Down the line You can play your distances off that. Tiger Woods on… the golf ball “It’s harder to work the golf ball so when the wind blows, or I get in conditions where I shape the golf ball, I feel comfortable. Another facet of Woods' swing to copy is the way he takes the club back, Leadbetter says. "It appears to be more synchronized.

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