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In the US, sport utility vehicles are not as strictly regulated as smaller passenger cars and often they are not forced to abide by clean air and pollution policies that smaller vehicles are. We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. Common features of a sport utility vehicle are four-wheel drive, the towing capacity of a light truck, room for four or more passengers, and ample storage space similar to a minivan or a large sedan. The small SUV models, such as the Nissan Rogue and the Hyundai Tucson, are easier to park and maneuver, and some mini-SUVs are compact crossovers. This design gives them a high center of gravity and seating positions. With all the space in an SUV, owners can pick up groceries, carry luggage for road trips, haul the equipment for sports and activities, and still have enough seating for a larger group as an SUV often has seven seats. For many car experts, the difference between the two is simple: A crossover is based on a car’s platform, while an SUV uses the chassis of a truck. Let's explore the SUV meaning and the ins and outs of each type. Conversely, car sales were down 1.3% for 2019 as a whole, and 5.8% for December. Not only are they expensive, but they have been criticized for their environmental impact as they are less fuel-efficient than smaller vehicles of the same price range. When you are contemplating a vehicle that fits your lifestyle, it is important to weigh all the factors. Once considered a vehicle for people who worked out of their vehicles, or alternative transportation for larger families, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) have become the most popular inventory item for many manufacturers. There are three sizes of SUVs: small, mid-size, and full-size. Surprisingly, many drivers don’t know what the three letters SUV stand for. If you need help narrowing down your choices, please speak with your sales associate about your needs. Over a million of those sales were new SUVs or light pickup trucks.

Some of these are crossovers as they share platforms similar to passenger cars, while others are based on mid-size and compact pickup trucks.

Per, in the United States and several other countries, the SUV has been classified as a light truck rather than a car. Sport-utility is more than just a technical term for the SUV. According to, the first four-wheel drive passenger car that was mass-produced with a unibody frame was the 1955 Gaz-M20. It wasn't until the 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee that all Jeep SUV models had started using unibody construction. Full Meaning Of “SUV” And Other Car Acronyms, You Need To Know; Top 5 cheapest 5G smartphones this 2020; Antibodies Decrease With Time After COVID-19 Symptom Onset; Correctional Services rubbishes Malema’s claims that John Block is out of jail – SABC News; Viral image of ‘leaked’ Xbox Series V portable console is a FAKE Most modern SUVs have four to five doors to accommodate families, while historical off-roaders only had two doors. SUVs were first built on a truck chassis before switching to a unibody frame where the chassis, body, and the floors were on a single structure. This gives the SUV a more relaxed fuel efficiency standard. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. While the term SUV can be applied to larger vehicles, such as the Range Rover, Chevrolet Suburban, and Jeep-like SUVs, it can also apply to smaller vehicles that don't have four-wheel drive and have a minimal capability of going off-road like the Honda CRV and crossover SUVs. This SUV guide gives you more information on SUVs to help you understand the capabilities of each type. SUV is a loose term that traditionally covers a broad range of vehicles with four-wheel drive that can be taken off-road and have the feel of a lighter truck. The simplest definition is that SUV stands for sport utility vehicle. According to, nine of the top 20 vehicles sold in 2019 were SUVs or SUV crossovers. The result is that crossovers use "unibody" architecture, meaning the body and frame are one piece, while SUVs use a "body on frame" design.

One type is for hauling heavy loads or going off-road, such as the Toyota 4Runner, while the other is known for its sleek looks and secure handling. The term SUV was first used in brochures for the full-sized 1974 Jeep Cherokee SJ.

This vehicle was the predecessor of the crossover SUV. Mid-size SUVS include the Ford Explorer, Dodge Nitro, and Toyota Highlander. This is found in today's SUV. The term sport utility vehicle is marketing terminology that defines a type of vehicle similar in design to a station wagon, built to ride of the chassis of a light truck. They also have a strong engine and powerful towing capabilities.

Standard SUVs vs. the Crossover SUV: Understanding the Difference, Comparing the Top Selling 2 Door SUV Models: A Buyer’s Guide, SUV Comparison: 4 Features and Specifications Worth Paying For, Classic Trucks: A List of the Most Popular Classic Collector Pickups and 4x4s, Buy SUVS: 5 Factors to Consider If They’re Right for You. SUVs combine the storage and hauling of pickup trucks with the comfort of a station wagon, explains All Car Leasing. Car dealers, manufacturers and marketing executives always like to come up with catchy phrases and acronyms to make their vehicles easier to sell, but many times this leaves the consumer confused. The term sport utility vehicle is marketing terminology that defines a type of vehicle similar in design to a station wagon, built to ride of the chassis of a light truck. This is mainly because of the all-wheel drive, quiet interior, and excellent storage space. The simplest definition is that SUV stands for sport utility vehicle. Nearly every manufacturer makes an SUV and they are immensely popular. The first examples were large and fitted with four-wheel drives, had large interiors, and were built for navigating tough terrains. Our car experts choose every product we feature. It is a kind of car classification that combines both elements of road-going passengers cars with features from off-road vehicles. Jorge Diaz is a passionate car lover, winter driver & Software Engineer. - But it is quite bizarre to know that most owners and possibly lovers of cars don’t even know the meaning to those acronyms of cars they own or admire. Because it has made mobility more easier and less stressful.

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