— Tagline. DJ, Chowder, and Jenny escape from the car, but they are trapped in the house.

DJ and Chowder both think that the house is haunted by Nebbercracker's disappearance or it is experiencing poltergeist activity. in this film DJ Chowder and Jenny Discover the house but they realize that the house was actually a living breathing vicious monster. DJ, meanwhile, has to explore the first and second floors of the house, finding keys to unlock doors, and moving crates and uncovering secret passages, one of which leads to the basement, where he contacts Skull for information on how to deal with the house. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He suddenly suffers a heart attack and faints on DJ.

All of his bad deeds on the children were merely ruses to keep them away from his house after the latter's accidental murder by bullies and because of it, he was forced to pretend to be a child hater so Constance's spirit, now possessing the house, won't be able to destroy everything on its path.

Fortunately, DJ and Chowder save her, and Zee steps outside to tell Chowder his dad is on the phone looking for him, causing the house to go dormant. The boys managed to catch her before she is eaten by the house. As he does, he nearly gets run over by an ambulance hijacked by Nebbercracker, and the trio is surprised to see he arrives home alive, but with his arm in a sling. Jenny forces the house to vomit them outside by grabbing onto its uvula. Chowder manages to persuade DJ to retrieve it. Artistic skills: DJ is something of an artist. Reuniting with Chowder in a circus-like room, they find the remains of Constance, and unsuccessfully attempt to douse the furnace, resulting in all three of them being separated again by massive pipes. Trick or Treat [DJ’s parents have just returned; his mom is opening the trunk to get the giant toothbrush out of it, and his dad is getting out of the car as DJ and Chowder approach.] DJ Walters is first seen spying on his elderly neighbor, Mr. Nebbercracker, who takes any item that lands in his yard. He’ll go on vacation, get some color. Zee thinks that the boys are telling stories and she goes out to find Bones. DJ tries to recover it but is caught by Nebbercracker, who rages at him before … The house falls apart after tumbling down into the lake, but reassembles itself. https://sony.fandom.com/wiki/DJ_Walters?oldid=22940, Level-headed, resourceful, vigilant, brave, mature, intelligent, suspicious, artistic, serious, anxious, creative, fearless, alert, cautious, efficient, smooth, Art, girls (particularly Jenny), playing basketball with Chowder, Mexican food, Chowder's immaturity, not being taken seriously. Jenny then shows DJ a set of photos with Nebbercracker and his late wife, then DJ says to Jenny that Nebbercracker used to have a wife, but he fattened her up and ate her, much to Jenny's disgust.

DJ says that Nebbercracker has not come out yet and decides to go and fetch the ball. While Jenny speaks to her mom on the phone, DJ and Chowder talk about hating Mexican food and "calling dibs on a girl". Unfortunately, the police turn up again and arrest them for theft.

Going up to investigate the house themselves, the cops get eaten. DJ swings down and grabs Chowder, and the two take cover in a ditch while the house explodes. He is then frightened by Zee and her boyfriend Bones. Jumping to the conclusion that the furnace is the heart, they make a cold-medicine-filled dummy to feed to the house, putting it to sleep long enough for them to get in and put out the furnace. In the early draft of the film, DJ and Chowder are bullied by 2 boys named Ryan and Cameron, and lure them to the house on purpose for revenge; it is later cut because it was too dark for kids watching the movie and possibly to teach kids not to make bad choices in real life. The house realizes they are inside and begins attacking them.

DJ then throws the dynamite into the chimney, blowing it up. Edit . Nebbercracker was at first angry after he has discovered the truth, but eventually relents and tell them both his and Constance's story. Chowder: Hey, DJ, look who's here. At first, she didn't believe them until the house prepares to eat her. DJ's parents Mr. and Mrs. Walters leave town for the weekend for a dentists convention, leaving him in the care of Goth babysitter Elizabeth "Zee". DJ finds one of the house's window blinds (the eyelids) opening up, DJ thinking that he is being haunted, prepares to investigate the house with Chowder's help. The cops wrongfully place the trio in the police car while they examine the house. Reuniting with Chowder in a circus-like room, they find the remains of Constance, and unsuccessfully attempt to douse the furnace, resulting in all three of them being separated again by massive pipes. DJ and Chowder watch in shock as Nebbercracker is taken away in an ambulance. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Monster House (2006) Parents Guide Add to guide . After Jenny manages to escape and fights off a huge doll of Constance, getting to the attic, DJ calls up to her from below and tries to get to her, but is caught by a canopy bed in the master bedroom after collecting a key on the bed.

While playing basketball, Chowder accidentally gets hit in the face, and his ball ends up on Nebbercracker's lawn. Unlike in the GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions of the game, DJ, Chowder, and Jenny don't get separated and are together throughout the game in the DS and GameBoy Advance versions, with the player being able to switch between them as they explore each room and fight off possessed furniture, including the house's uvula and furnace. DJ's parents leave town for the weekend for a dentists convention, leaving him in the care of Goth babysitter Elizabeth "Zee". I am practically a grown-up. Chowder dismisses DJ's concerns, and goes up to the house, despite DJ's protests, and rings the doorbell. The windows (the eyes) light up, the door (the mouth) opens and sharp boards break out of the top and bottom (the teeth) and inside the house, the floorboards break open (the throat) leading to the basement (the stomach) the carpet rises from the stairs (the tongue is the carpet) and the stairs appear to lead to the brain (unknown object). They find the body of Constance the Giantess, Nebbercracker's wife, encased in cement. DJ was sculpted by Leo Rijn, animated by Troy Saliba, DJ Hauck, and John J. Meehan, and designed by Chris Appelhans. Thus, nobody takes him seriously most of the time.

The trio seeks advice from Reginald "Skull" Skulinski, a strange video game addict working in a pizza parlor who is claimed to be an expert on the supernatural. Nebbercracker then gives DJ a stick of dynamite, asking him for assistance in destroying the house. Intelligence: DJ is shown to be very intelligent, though Jenny’s intelligence is somewhat superior to his. He acts, and is treated, like a younger boy and is often thought to be crazy. He'll be fine. Role in the Film Edit As DJ observes Horace Nebbercracker taking a tricycle from Eliza , he goes down to tell his parents that he has suspicions about Nebbercracker's house as they are preparing to go to a dentist's convention, returning on Halloween night, but they don't take him seriously. Landers discovers the cold medicine inside the dummy, which Chowder took from his father's pharmacy, and arrests them.

For the film, DJ was made to look more expressive. And maybe he’ll meet someone new. In the entry hallway, DJ and Chowder are nearly eaten, but Jenny saves them by grabbing the house’s uvula, causing it to puke them out. DJ, along with Chowder and Jenny, is one of the three playable characters in the video game based on the film.

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