It means ‘self-confidence’ and ‘independence’. The surname means a ‘devoted student’ or ‘a seeker of knowledge’. Middle Name Generator. It is a popular surname in the Arab world. The surname means ‘virtue’ or ‘someone gracious and divine’. Most Popular Arabic Last Names on FamilyEducation: Amari, Almasi, Asfour, 25 Gen Z Slang Phrases All Parents Should Know, 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family. Sajjad refers to the ‘devoted worshipper of Allah’. The name Nagi or Naji was actually given to Prophet Muhammed for his devotion to Allah. The surname means ‘quiet’, ‘reserved’ or ‘demure’. Hatem is also spelled as Hatim. Yasin is one of the chapters in the Holy Quran. H=Hebrew/Israeli, I=India, M=Muslim-generic, NA-Native American, P=Persian, The last name Ghazali personifies a ‘philosopher’, ‘saint’ or a ‘mystic person’. The name means ‘god increases’ the strength, power, influence and devotion. Taleb was the name of an uncle of Prophet Muhammed. The name means an opportunity or chance to gain knowledge or succeed in life. The name often runs in families from Algeria. It means ‘the devoted servant of God’ or the ‘worshipper of God’. If you know of some more popular Arabic surnames or you are an Arab, then do share your surname and its meaning in the comments section below. The last name Badawi is given to children born in the Bedouin tribe. Example: Al-Saud, i.e., The Saud family. The surname Khalid is also a popular given name for boys. The surname is derived from the tribe of Quraish in Makkah in the era of Prophet Muhammed. Ghulam is a common name in many languages and cultures. The name Kazem has different pronunciations and spellings. The surname is given to children whose families originated from the country of Persia. Get in touch! This surname runs in families who speak Magrabi Arabic. They are also influenced by the minority the family belongs to. The name in Arabic is translated to ‘the praised one’. Faez means ‘victory’. Marwan is derived from the stone Marou, which was used to start a fire in ancient times. ... T = last rose Soraya, Suraya (Soh-rai-yah) P= Star, Pleiades constellation; Princess The surname means ‘the truthful’ or ‘trustworthy’. Pages in category "Arabic-language surnames" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 549 total. The name Asghar is derived from Azhar, which means ‘shining’, ‘radiance’, ‘luminosity’, ‘clarity’ or ‘brilliance’. Example: Al-Saud, i.e., The Saud family. The surname Hijazi runs in families who originated from the Hejaz region in Saudi Arabia. In some Arabic speaking nations like Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, the surnames originate from the profession or business that runs in the family. Inclusion of names does not necessarily indicate acceptability as dancer names, but every attempt was made to find appropriate ones. The name is derived from another name Faza, which means ‘the successful and victorious one’. Completely customize your search to find the best middle name possible. It means ‘highness’ or ‘the ruler.’. This last name means the person who discovers, reveals, pioneers or uncovers. It means ‘the generous’ and ‘the noble’. This name refers to ‘a person of the era, times or age’. The name Hadi is derived from one of the 99 names of Allah, Hidayah. You can explore different names and learn about Arabian culture. In this post, MomJunction has put together 100 Arabic last names along with their meaning and origin. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 6th Month Pregnancy Diet - Which Foods To Eat And avoid? Your partner in parenting from baby name inspiration to college planning. In Arabic, Mufti refers to a ‘legal advisor’ or ‘counselor’. Likewise endings of "a" and "ah". He was called the friend of Allah. 3 Vital Stages Of Labor: What Happens In Them And What To Do, 77 Kickass Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings, 200 Latest Tula Rashi Or Libra Names For Boys And Girls, 50 Uplifting And Inspirational Names For Baby Girls and Boys, 75 Pretty Pacific Islander Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 200 Most Popular Hindu God And Goddess Names For Your Baby. The surname refers to someone who is ‘capable’. The name signifies ‘control over anger’. (previous page) () Bashar stands for ‘the bringer of good tidings’. It is also given to people whose family profession is healing. Nagi means the ‘closest friend’ in Arabic. The name means ‘the archer’ or ‘the thrower’. The last name Reza means the ‘approval of Allah’. The surname is masculine in nature and means ‘perceptive’ or ‘intelligent’. In Arabic, the name means ‘splendor’ and ‘status’. The name Darwish has many meanings in different cultures – Arab, Persian, Hewbrew, etc., Template Category TOC via CatAutoTOC on category with 301–600 pages, CatAutoTOC generates standard Category TOC, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 May 2020, at 17:51. The name signifies observance, intellect, and sharpness. It also signifies ‘honor’. Interesting enough to go deep into the surnames in this region? The name Qadir means ‘competent’, ‘powerful’ or ‘capable’. The name means ‘the only one’. Most Common Spanish Last Names Or Surnames, Popular Muslim Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings, Swiss Family Names Or Surnames With Meanings, Most Common German Last Names Or Surnames, Most Common Punjabi Last Names Or Surnames, 39 Creative And Themed 1st Birthday Cake Ideas, Diarrhea In Children: Causes, Symptoms And Helpful Home Remedies. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). It can be associated with kindness and charity. Farsi means ‘the Persian’. The surname Abdallah translates to ‘Servant of God’ in Arabic. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed. Compare also Persian names and Turkish names.See also about Arabic names. The name also means a ‘sign’ given by Allah. This list may not reflect recent changes (). The last name is given to the descendants of the tribe. This, again, is one of the 99 names of Allah. Abd stands for servant, and Allah stands for God. The surname is given in families whose profession involves manufacturing and trading silk. The name means ‘the one who distributes’. The name is popular in the Arabic and Urdu speaking countries. FamilyEducation does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The name Hafeez means ‘the guardian’ or ‘the protector’. You can choose the start and ending letters, the letters it contains, the length of the returned names, the gender and the origin. One of the meanings of Baghdad is ‘bestowed by God’. The language is spoken by the arab-berber tribes. The surname Fasih in Arabic means ‘eloquence’. The last name refers to a person notable for their trustworthiness and honesty. This surname is so common that everyone hears it at some point in their lives. (previous page) () The month of Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. Most eastern languages do not insert the vowels, therefore in transliterations "ee" and i" are negotiable. Inclusion of names does not necessarily indicate acceptability as dance names, but every attempt was made to find those more suitable for dancers. Example: Al Tajir, i.e., The Merchant. The name is usually prefixed with Al, i.e., Al-Amin. Information on our advertising guidelines can be found. The name Farhat has several meanings in different cultures. The name is mentioned in the Quran as Fahm, which means ‘understanding’. They are not necessarily of Arabic origin, though most in fact are. The name means ‘praise-worthiness’, and ‘laudability’. Add your first and last name to the search form to see how the full name … Every Arabic surname has a unique origin and meaning behind it. Language codes used: A=Arabic, B=Biblical, E= Eygptian, F=African, G= Greek, Pages in category "Arabic-language surnames" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 549 total. This surname is also a given name. The name means ‘might’, ‘strength’, ‘power’, ‘glory’ and ‘superiority’. The name means, ‘the father of all’ or ‘the exalted father’. Maalouf is derived from another word Maayuf, which means the ‘one who stands out in the crowd’ or ‘left out’. If you do not find your name as a woman's name, try looking under men's name with an ending variation. It is also one of the 99 names of Allah. This last name refers to ‘great height’. It is often prefixed with Al, i.e., Al-Fasil. Kassab refers to the bread-winner or earner of the family. The surname means the ‘bright shining star’ or ‘a person of exemplary character’. One of the 99 names of Allah, Rahim means ‘the merciful’ or ‘the forgiving’. It means that God is content and pleased with the actions and decisions of the followers. R= Romany/Gypsy, T=Turkish. The patronymic name is attached with Al to form a surname, i.e., Al Hadid. This list may not reflect recent changes (). This popular last name means ‘one with strength’ in Arabic. The meaning of the surname is ‘iron’. The surname Abadi runs in the families whose ancestors belonged to the Abbad tribe. The surname means ‘exceptional’, ‘extraordinary’, ‘unique’ or ‘rarity’. The last name Burhan is an adjective in Arabic used to describe one of the many qualities of Prophet Muhammed. Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The surname appears in the Quran often to describe the greatness of Allah. The name also signifies ‘leadership and strength’. For more parenting tips and tricks, find us on Pinterest: Are you a writer, expert, or influencer? Qasim is one of the epithets of Prophet Muhammed. The name originated from the Arabic title given to doctors and physicians during the middle ages. Farouq means ‘the redeemer’ or ‘the one who differentiates between the right and wrong’. The surname means ‘praiseworthy’. Hussein was the name of the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, the son of Fatimah and Ali (the fourth caliph of the Islamic World). It means ‘the distinguishing’ or ‘the unique one’. Bedouin are a group of ethnic Arab tribes and clans who live in the desert. It also means ‘powerful’ and ‘ambitious’. The name originated from the Arabic title given to legal advisors back in the middle ages. The first wave of Arab immigrants to the United States came in the early 1880s, when Christian Syrians fled to America to escape poverty caused by the declining silk trade. Please read our Disclaimer. In Arabic, Bakir means ‘dawn’, ‘early’ or ‘something that happens before the time’. This last name signifies ‘moistness’ or the ‘flow of water’. He had the habit of crushing bread before distributing it among the pilgrims. Likewise endings of "a" and "ah". Those which seemed to be purely religious were omitted. The name is commonly found in Arab communities originating from Persia. In Arabic, Saqqaf means ‘cleverness’ or ‘intelligence’. Al-Najjar means ‘the carpenter’. Irfan means ‘the one filled with knowledge’. They are also influenced by the minority the family belongs to. It means ‘eternal’ in Arabic. It means ‘beloved’ or ‘friend’. The name is the Quranic term for persons highly praised by Allah. The name means the ‘guide to righteousness’. It also personifies outward and inward beauty gained from devotion to god. But the first documentation of Arabs in America can be traced back as early as the mid-18th century, when a man named Wahab bound for New York was shipwrecked on Ocrakoke Island, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You can choose the start and ending letters, the letters it contains, the length of the returned names, the gender and the origin. The surname originated from one of the prophets of Islam, Prophet Ibrahim. Jabal is often associated with a mountain. It signifies devotion to god. The name means the ‘young servant of god’. Issawi means ‘soft’, ‘gentle’ and ‘tender’. It means ‘the one from Hejaz’. The first wave of Arab immigrants to the United States came in the early 1880s, when Christian Syrians fled to America to escape poverty caused by the declining silk trade.

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