Alan Menken said: "Ok, so it wasn't a great film, but horror movies are the last respectable form of melodrama and this one is a parable: most 1950s horrors were in fact cautionary tales about ecology or McCarthy or the Bomb, and this one is simply the Faust legend updated. In Matthew White's perfectly pitched, superbly performed production, Seymour satisfies the plant's appetites with the bodies of a sadistic dentist and the brutal boyfriend of the florist's assistant, Audrey. Whichever ending you prefer, however, what’s hard to dispute is that Little Shop of Horrors, thirty years on, remains one of the most tremendously entertaining movie musicals ever produced. Paul Taylor in the i newspaper held that "even if you think you know the material backwards, you'd be mad to miss this uplifting revival, directed by Maria Aberg. Because of a vague title similiarity people sometimes compare it with The Rocky Horror Show but in fact it's nothing like it. And then we get to that ending. Previewed 6 March 2007, Opened 12 March 2007, Closed 23 June 2007 at the Duke of York's Theatre Shame the budget ran out and Faust couldn’t go transparent. The Mail on Sunday. Sometimes it makes sense, but mostly it is a way to avoid having to deal with difficult questions. It didn’t win, though, losing out to Top Gun’s “Take My Breath Away.”. Contact advertising You can imagine cinema audiences being genuinely startled by this, although for obvious reasons it doesn’t have quite the same effect on a home release.). London Revival 2018 at the Open Air Theatre, Previewed 3 August 2018, Opened 10 August 2018, Closed 22 September 2018 at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre. Like Faust on fertiliser!! The audience is therefore invited, just like in Faust, to approve of his downfall – even though, in this case, his actions have the unfortunate side-effect of unleashing a wave of man-eating plants across the world. Read and download the Den of Geek Lost in Space Special Edition Magazine right here! While much of the humor in the original film had arisen almost unintentionally as a result of the slapdash production, Ashman and Menken’s musical successfully blends the dark and bleak nature of the story – and its ending – with jaunty, upbeat rock and Motown-styled musical numbers and surreal gags. Finally, we had the opportunity to compare the two, and see for ourselves that the original version was better. For the bums and misfits of Skid Row life is empty but for … Book and lyrics by Howard Ashman and music by Alan Menken, based on the film by Roger Corman with screenplay by Charles Griffith. Paul Keating fits the part of Seymour perfectly.... Barry James, as the gruff old Mr Mushnik, has a lot of fun, and Sheridan Smith as Audrey, teetering around in high heels and microskirt, is a hoot." The cast features Forbes Masson as 'Mr Mushnik', Marc Antolin as 'Seymour', Jemima Rooper as 'Audrey', Vicky Vox as 'Audrey II', Matt Willis as 'Orin', Renée Lamb as 'Chiffon', Seyi Omooba as 'Crystal', and Christina Modestou as 'Ronnette' with Joe Allen, Josh Baker, Billy Cullum, Julian Hoult, Rosalind James, Bobbie Little, Helen Siveter, and Mary Lynn Tiep. A full fifth of that $25 million budget was committed to an astonishing closing sequence that saw gigantic plants wreaking havoc across the city of New York destroying beautifully-wrought model buildings, and culminated in the original Audrey II triumphantly laughing atop the Statue of Liberty. It won't be long before she pushes her way into the West End." Interestingly Barry James, who plays the role of 'Mushnik' in this revival, played 'Seymour' in the original West End stage prodcution. What’s more, that closing sequence – as technically impressive as it is – really does go on a bit, and could also be accused of going a little too far in terms of the horrors it inflicts on the city’s populace. Little Shop of Horrors, one of the longest-running off-Broadway shows of all time, is an affectionate spoof of 1950s sci-fi movies. Moranis’ inherent likeability had turned Seymour into a more sympathetic character; and his chemistry with the impossible-not-to-love Greene as Audrey meant that the audience reached the final act fully rooting for these two kids to escape their terrible situation. While more palatable to a wider audience, the “softer” ending was seen as unsatisfying by many, especially those familiar with the original source material. We did it, and we got exactly the same reaction: like 16 per cent or something. “Mean Green Mother From Outer Space,” a new song written to adhere to Oscar eligibility rules, is added to the climax (the song shares a few elements with, though is stylistically quite different from, a track called “Bad” that was trialled but ultimately dropped from the original stage show).

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