Turner and Darren Sproles were very capable backups, who could have started on most other teams. Beginning in LT's fourth season, the Chargers won five of six AFC West championships and fielded consistently competitive squads year in and year out. For such an incredible all-around back, the likes of which the game may never see again, these numbers are abysmal. I was lucky enough to be in Canton, Ohio, this past weekend to celebrate LaDainian Tomlinson’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. While Chargers QB Philip Rivers played through a torn ACL, Tomlinson aggravated a mysterious injury. Call it lack of durability. was criticized for his body language and for not trying to play through injury. Also sign up for our community newspaper newsletters, and CaregiverSD. He did everything he could with rehab to play seven days later. In the context of a comparable level of greatness, expect Tomlinson's legacy to suffer the same fate. Certainly, injuries happen to every team, every year. In reality, L.T. The specifics of the injury were never determined, but LT sat alone on the bench with his helmet and visor on for most of the game. at 50 percent. San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, left, running back LaDainian Tomlinson, second from right, and fullback Andrew Pinnock, right, sit … should be lauded for being the ultimate team player that day by pulling himself. Norv Turner would be viewed as a top head coach, not just a great offensive coordinator. San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, left, running back LaDainian Tomlinson, second from right, and fullback Andrew Pinnock, right, sit on the bench during the third quarter of the 2007 AFC Championship game. So, how's he done it? The jury is still out on Ryan, but the former two coaches' legacies will be defined more for their postseason failures than their regular season accolades. concussion sport-related concussion mild traumatic brain injuryathletic injury sports, cyclist Palsy ulnar neuropathy cycling hand numbness, Effect of rye bread breakfasts on subjective hunger and satiety: a randomized controlled trial, Electromyography; triathlon; three-dimensional kinematics; motor control; transition, Exercise Keeps Dangerous Visceral Fat Away A Year After Weight Loss, Gender Influence on Response Time to Sensory Stimuli, High school football and wrestling athletes experienced the highest rate of severe injuries, Hypertension; insulin resistance; HOMA-IR; systolic blood pressure; diastolic blood pressure, Increasing Severity Of Bicycle Injuries Leads To Concerns About Cycling Infrastructure, knee pain cycling and kinesio tape recovery, L-Carnitine Supplementation May Improve Muscle Recovery After Physical Exertion, Low Dietary Intakes of Vitamins A and C Linked to Asthma, NFL shoulder stabilization college football, Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs in Tendinopathy, Oxygen consumption; heart rate; ventilation; lactate; muscle recruitment, patella taping McConnell taping patella subluxation patellofemoral pain syndrome, Pelvic Fractures Resulting From Snowboarding, Perceptual and cognitive responses during exercise: Relationships with metamotivational state and dominance, Probiotics ans sports: reducing gastrointestinal and upper respiratory-tract illness, Promising Pharmaceutical Agents Emerge As Sports Doping Products, Radial extracorporeal shockwave treatment, Recovery following an Ironman triathlon: A case study, Recovery sports chiropractor cce course ccsp, Retired NFL Players at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease, Risk Of Recreational Shoulder Injuries Common Around The Holidays, rotator cuff tendon growth factors platelet-rich plasma sportsarthroscopy, Sleep quality in athletes under normobaric hypoxia equivalent to 1500 m altitude: A polysomnographic study, Study finds better early results with stretching vs. shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis, Study Finds the Availability of Chiropractic Care Improves the Value of Health Benefits Plans, Tai Chi Can Diabetes Lower Glucose Levels, tendinopathy tendinosis tendinitis cell therapy stem cells tendon repair, THE 2011 PROHIBITED LIST WORLD ANTI-DOPING CODE, The Effects of Precompetition Massage on the Kinematic Parameters of 20-m Sprint Performance, Thumb Injuries in Intercollegiate Men’s Lacrosse, Virginia Tech Biomedical Engineering Team To Study Knee Ligament Sprains, WADA Executive Committee Approves 2010 Prohibited List, Which Method of Rotator Cuff Repair Leads to the Highest Rate of Structural Healing? Automated processes in tennis: Do left-handed players benefit from the tactical preferences of their opponents? After all, he's already played for eight years when the average NFL player's career is only 3.5 years. Tai Chi Can Help People With Diabetes Lower Glucos... Cyclist Palsy - Ulnar Neuropathy - Handle Bar Palsy. Privacy PolicyTerms of ServiceSign Up For Our Newsletters, Copyright © 2020, The San Diego Union-Tribune |. Although lineman can play with a knee brace, a running back cannot. A healthy Turner and Sproles gave the Chargers a better chance to win than L.T. Whatever the explanation, Tomlinson managed just under 3.6 yards per carry in his 10-game playoff career. The knee is one of the most common sites for injuries among cyclists. 1 seed, the Chargers looked the part of a Super Bowl contender. In fact, Tomlinson did try to play and as is typical with a medial collateral ligament (MCL) sprain, he was unable to cut with any precision or power. In the public forum, L.T. Exercise can decrease the incidence of colds, L-Arginine Exerts Anti-Inflammatory Effects. It is just musings while in Canton of how life might be different if the Chargers got by the Patriots to get a chance in the Super Bowl. Call it lack of durability. This isn't to dismiss a wonderful career. It's clear that Tomlinson did so much on the field as well. It's all about injury prevention. After a bitter departure from San Diego, Tomlinson signed with the New York Jets and enjoyed a brief renaissance. The decision is a victory for GOP officials who have insisted their ballot collection campaign is following California election law. Good friends from what seems like yesterday gather to reflect. In addition to becoming one of the best running backs ever on the field, the five-time Pro Bowler was more than visible off of it. The best shot at a Super Bowl ring for LT came during the 2006 campaign. He warmed up before the inactive declarations under supervision of medical staff and it was agreed that he would give it a try. As the disclaimer always goes: I will not personally psychoanalyze a player, because it's irresponsible. Maybe the passing game wasn't as effective on all those days. Video: Aaron Rodgers' apparent MCL sprain will limit movement up to a month, Video: Doug Baldwin should return in week or two, Video: Carson Wentz's road to recovery probably remains same distance, just bumpier, Video: The bad news is actually good news for Eric Wood, Tom Brady reportedly needed more than 10 stitches to injured hand, sprained a ligament, and it is being called 'a legitimate issue', Video: Pro Football Doc: Tom Savage's concussion, Video: Pro Football Doc: Aaron Rodgers returns, Ryan Shazier injury appears more worrisome than most. Fortunately, there are some general rules for injury prevention that apply to all sports, which is important because sports scientists suggest injury rates could be reduced by 25 percent if athletes took appropriate preventative action. The narratives we’ve heard for years that L.T quit on the team and was selfish to take up a roster spot if he couldn’t play are patently misguided. (He was not aware what I was going to write.). On his first carry of the game, Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi hit him on the knee, aggravating the injury. Despite the phenomenal play by Tomlinson, the Chargers lost the divisional round to the New England Patriots, 24-21. No excuses. None of the coaches he had have ever been able to win the big game. He finished the contest with two carries for five yards, as the Chargers lost 21-12. A jammed finger, in medical terms, is a sprain of the joint capsule o... A great summary from the Sports Injury Clinic ... What is a medial meniscus injury? Seattle is positioned to make a push to sign Antonio Brown once his suspension ends after Week 8 (Schefter). Still seems unlikely Zach Ertz plays in Eagles’ Wild Card game, Eagles tight end Zach Ertz’s kidney injury would appear to prohibit playing vs. Seahawks, Eagles likely without Zach Ertz through playoffs, Eagles tight end’s lacerated kidney will keep him out through playoffs; Super Bowl return possible, Dak Prescott’s injury could be more than just AC joint sprain, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott likely won’t throw until Saturday, just one of many indications of cuff injury, Julian Edelman’s knee injury will likely hamper him into Patriots’ playoff run, Patriots receiver Julian Edelman’s patella tendonitis slows him in movements that make him most effective, Tua Tagovailoa would take big risk, waste time with another year at Alabama, Alabama quarterback’s hip injury will be issue down road, so it seems prudent to make money as soon as possible, Cam Newton foot surgery prompts questions, Quarterback Cam Newton won’t be 100 percent by time Panthers, other teams need to make contract decisions, Column: Loathed and lauded, Kaepernick is the Ali of his generation. Marty Schottenheimer, Norv Turner, and Rex Ryan are great football minds. The reality was he had a knee ligament sprain that would have been difficult to play on and made it impossible to be effective. Tomlinson was a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and deservedly so. With a championship, Rivers would be considered a top-flight QB and a virtual lock to join L.T. Armed with home field advantage throughout the playoffs as the AFC's No. Filed under: Chris Johnson, Chris Johnson 40 time, Darren Sproles, Darren Sproles 40 time, Darren Sproles fantasy, Darren Sproles stats, Fantasy Football, Ladainian Tomlinson, Ladainian Tomlinson playoff injury, NFL, NFL Cereal, NFL MVP Candidates, Steve McNair, Steve McNair murder | … Still, I couldn’t help but wonder about how today could be very different for the San Diego Chargers if it had been different for one period of time in L.T.’s career. Injuries are part of the game. Gates was hobbled and needed reconstructive great toe surgery. Tomlinson, the NFL MVP, led the league in rushing with 1,815 yards and set many NFL records including 28 rushing touchdowns and 31 total TDs.

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