53] Hisoka then performs an illusion using Nen to throw off Kastro, which leaves an opening for Hisoka to kill him.[ch.

198] A Specialist-type of Nen user,[ch. Nobunaga ranks ninth in physical power among the Troupe, and is one of the original members from Meteor City. 273] When inhaled the scales have a hypnotic effect on the human populace, keeping them in place to be sorted at the palace.[ch. Her Guardian Spirit Beast awakens upon her death, assuming Kacho's form per it ability Without You (2人セゾン(キミガイナイ), Season of Two), which would had also be triggered by the death of her sister, to protect Fugetsu until she dies. Youpi is the largest of the three and the only non-human hybrid among them, mixed with the genes of a magical beast instead.[ch. 68] Kurapika entered into a Nen contract for the chain on his middle finger, Chain Jail: The Restraining Middle Finger (束縛する中指の鎖(チェーンジェイル), Chēn Jeiru); in order to have an unbreakable chain that will hold members of the Phantom Troupe no matter what, he offered his life should he use it on anyone other than its members.[ch. 322] A larger wish requires more deaths in the next round when the demands are refused; dying in the order of the amount of time they have spent with the refusee.[ch. In the Chairman election, Cheadle repeatedly comes in second or third place, until she asks her supporters to vote for Leorio instead in order to prevent Pariston from winning.[ch. After becoming a licensed Hunter, he soon becomes head of Nostrade's bodyguards.[ch. [4], Izunavi (イズナビ, Izunabi), named Mizuken (ミズケン) in the 2011 anime, is a Hunter and Kurapika's Nen teacher. [7] Kurapika is a popular character with fans, coming in second place in the series' first two popularity polls. Tags. Voiced by: Yūko Maekawa (1999 series, Japanese). 68], Zeno Zoldyck (ゼノ=ゾルディック, Zeno Zorudikku) is Killua's grandfather and Silva's father. 345]. He ranks fourth in physical power among the Troupe and is among the original members hailing from Meteor City. The world of the series also includes fantastical beasts such as the Chimera Ants. Voiced by: Yoshiaki Matsumoto (1999 series, Japanese). 215, 316]. 5, 61] He is deceitful, playful, and narcissistic by nature; acting only in his own self-interest. 367–369] As a result, Oito's own ability to use Nen is awakened and she begins training to use it.[ch.
However, he openly criticizes the royal family.[ch. 170], Abengane (アベンガネ) is an exorcist; a Nen user with the ability to remove Nen "curses" or attacks placed onto himself or others.[ch. Isaac Netero (アイザック=ネテロ, Aizakku Netero) is the Chairman of the Selection Committee for the Hunter Exam.[ch. 322] The bigger the wish, the bigger Alluka's demands will be for the next person.[ch. After becoming licensed, they clash with a gang of thieves known as the Phantom Troupe, before Gon and Killua enter the video game Greed Island in search of clues to find Ging. Fugetsu Hui Guo Rou (フウゲツ=ホイコーロ, Fūgetsu Hoikōro) is the 11th prince of Kakin and Nasubi's second daughter with Seiko, making her Kacho's twin sister.[ch. Two years prior to the events of the show, he was defeated by Hisoka and because of that event, he trained to improve his Nen to have a rematch against Hisoka. When his emotions are ignited, Gon becomes irrational and completely oblivious to anything else. [5], Silva Zoldyck (シルバ=ゾルディック, Shiruba Zorudikku) is Killua's father. However, he immediately appoints Cheadle his Vice Chairman and resigns from his new position.[ch. 42] During the auction in Yorknew City, Silva and Zeno are both hired by the Ten Dons to assassinate the Phantom Troupe, but withdraw from the job when their clients are killed due to a job taken by Illumi, Maha, and Kalluto.[ch. 80] Silva later appears amid the assault on the Palace in East Gorteau, killing Cheetu on the way to pick up his father. Youpi's body can metamorphosize, such as forming wings to fly or additional arms for combat.[ch. 190] Pokkle came in 12th and 18th place in the series' first two popularity polls. 322, 323] Once people die in refusal, the demands "reset" to the lowest difficulty level.[ch. 349] Within the Zodiacs, he, Pyon and Cluck constitute the reform faction and often work together.[ch. However, his ruthlessness and aptitude in killing shows the other side of him — deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. 378] Hinrigh Biganduffno (ヒンリギ゠ビガンダフノ, Hinrigi Bigandafuno) is the underboss of the family.[ch. He then resigns from the Zodiacs and joins Beyond Netero's expedition to the Dark Continent, buying his way into second-in-command in name only.[ch.

315], Leol (レオル, Reoru) is a Chimera Ant squadron leader resembling an anthropomorphic lion, albeit with tiger-like stripes.[ch.

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