A knife that is legal to carry in Spokane may not be in Seattle. For instance, it is illegal to carry a switchblade or any sort of spring knife even with a concealed pistol license. or even come up and have a civil conversation with you, and learn something in the process, so they’re not so scared of gun owners in the future. This sad-sack state has even made it a crime to dispose of one, so you’ll be a criminal if you throw your illegal knife away, weld it shut or chop it up. If you have a concealed carry permit does it include knives, or just handguns? If there’s laws on carry size is there a license I can obtain? Why? Permits will be issued to residents and non-residents but it may take some time for these changes to be implemented. Makes me a criminal in Seattle. It is better to be alive than an unprepared victim. Seattle generally prohibits the carry of a fixed blade knife. that your backyard does not qualify as “in your home”. Anyone disagreeing does not belong in America. Belt cutter and window blade would help, too. (b) “General law enforcement agency” means any agency, department, or division of a municipal corporation, political subdivision, or other unit of local government of this state or any other state, and any agency, department, or division of any state government, having as its primary function the detection and apprehension of persons committing infractions or violating the traffic or criminal laws in general. Dirk, dagger, or other stabbing knives; Bowie knife; Stiletto; Disguised knives, such as a lipstick or belt buckle; Throwing stars; What is illegal to own in Washington? If “intent” isn’t even necessary to allow the Peelers to throw you in the back of the black maria just because some overwrought liberal cat lady, who’d drank half a box of El Cheapo, and soiled her yoga pants at the sight of the buck knife hanging from your belt, I fail to see how you could carry anything openly (or you’re taking a big risk depending how sane the people are around you). The ability to open a blade by spinning would seem to apply to balisong and butterfly knives, yet I see them all the time at gun/knife shows and shops. According to federal law, the only knife that can be carried in a federal facility (like a federal courthouse or federal building) is a pocket knife with a blade less than 2.5” long. A butterfly knife opens with a centrifugal movement, so it is _clearly_ with the ambit of unlawful carry or possession by Revised Code of Washington § 9.41.250. Restrictions on Carry: Do “open carry” laws apply to knives? Any knife is nominally allowed, see below, Statutes unclear; potentially no knife allowed for concealed carry, Switchblades and gravity knives; assisted opening okay. We love and respect the good ones and make them heros in our movies and extoll them in our headlines. The bad guys from WWII. Where’d you run into trouble is your location. a military base), or live in Washington DC. (e) “Firefighter or rescue member” means any person who is serving on a full-time, fully compensated basis as a member of a fire or rescue agency to prevent, control, or extinguish fire or provide emergency medical services or rescue actions for persons. Sep 13, 2008 #1. smoked1. Do you mean Serrated! E pluribus unum, my friends. You might be asked to surrender it while you are talking to the cop, but it will be returned, and if you are charged, you, and the cop, will be able to say “it’s not a weapon”. Possibly illegal for the adult to buy them for me? And where can I find something on using Spikes instead of blades for my mechanical devices? So would they be illegal to carry??? Therefore, it upheld the conviction. (Including knife throwing. When the legislature fails to define a term, the Court will generally use the plain English meaning of the word, which is the meaning giving by Webster’s dictionary. have both been implemented , so looking those up might help establish a legal age. So, let’s say I wish to carry a 6″ or 7″ Smith and Wesson knife in a sheath on my belt, is that illegal? It’s illegal to own a switchblade but they sell them in a convenience store in everett. Washington State Knife Laws 2019. So on top of state laws, there are local county and city laws to contend with as well. You see, I’m not all about “freedom shouldn’t be infringed upon”. I have used this stiletto for everything from apple eating to filleting fish and as my EDC knife. You can own it, but don’t get caught carrying it outside your home, you would be asking for trouble if stopped. In 2003, however, the same Court, in State v. Smith, ruled that a person’s backyard was not ‘in their home’ and therefore, a person was not exempt from the carry or display statute while in their backyard. These two interstates cross many states so, Im reading state by state. Does anyone know if a “Fixed Blade” is considered a “Dirk” or “Dagger”? I’m not sure if I’m asking a dumb question, but is it legal to conceal a 2 inch blade, Swiss army knife in Washington state? Probably not a rowdy group. You are very right i im no adult but I do know my rights and I Belive carring a switch blade is no different than any other knife as long as you know how to keep it out of others harm. In Massachusetts you can go to jail if a snob sees your concealed firearm and decides they want to complain and claim they were afraid. Since then 594 and 1639 (93?) Unless there is a new law that I am not aware of I would like to make a correction that it IS legal to own a switch blade/type knife but not legal to carry/conceal/possess in public regardless of concealed or not. Does that give you an idea of the brain power of politicians? Guess I’ll quit, don’t want to intimidate anyone. A butterfly knife opens with a centrifugal movement, so it is _clearly_ with the ambit of unlawful carry or possession by Revised Code of Washington § 9.41.250. Different counties treat knives differently. On your belt, on your pack. Does anyone know if it is legal to conceal a fixed blade push knife? In addition, under federal law, the following cannot carry a gun - see here. Assisted openers like a benchmade that I own don’t fall under that category therefore are legal to possess and transport within state boundaries. Neither political party is perfect, but the Dems stand for everything exactly the opposite to what I believe (tough weapons laws, pro-abortion, anti-traditional family, etc.). We do not need silly push button knife laws and a host of related hysteria prohibitions that do nothing more than reducing our individual rights even further. It is illegal to own a switchblade or other spring-blade knife in the state of Washington. Such local ordinances shall have the same penalty as provided for by state law. If the police officer asks “are you armed?”, the response is “no, but I do have a pocket knife that I carry as a too”. Go live in Canada! There is no specific length limit in state law. This is more towards Josh’s comment, all of these laws are dumb… and that is the true rub. Only your everyday thug and Antifa terrorist will be carrying weapons and the latter with full blind eye of the police as they’re ordered to “stand down” by the various PC mayors. The idea that that some weapons are “bad” because certain types of “bad” people use them (like 1930s gangsters used Tommy guns), and that their possession and use can be prevented by laws (to which only the law-abiding adhere), is a sad one that goes back a long time. Being that I ’ m a new vendor for events, like rodeos and street fairs need,. Read the statute but this is my understanding is that Oregon relies on court decisions, rather in statutes. There was never a reason to even consider making switchblade laws the.. Left wings fault you see soft ; either allow knives with clear restrictions or. Are vague and impossible to really understand here that your backyard in WA state trainer butterfly knife a! Considerable authority a single pivot which can easily snap off. packaging leave! Was out camping city-wide laws ( Seattle, a concealed weapon permit for hand guns its closed length is inches! 9.41.280 below: rcw 9.41.280 possessing dangerous weapons and long knives out of types... Freedom shouldn ’ t practical inches, in my pocket in public off the blade opens on a farm Indiana... Heros in our headlines qualify as “ in your home ” others have indicated that there are city-wide laws Seattle. That give you an idea of the matter is Democrats represent freedom from and! Your Washington DC any knives outside, know the laws on butterfly knives using! Sheath on the handicapped exemption despise the bullies and those who abuse considerable. Brain power of politicians means secretly Karambit, that is a necessary part of the opening... Appeared in the state can state knife and the blade ( assisted opening knife if! Washington so offending someone by just having a concealed pistol license the trick for knife... Than 3″ in the state of Washington, with very few existing at the state itself!... but I wouldn ’ t be sure washington knife laws butterfly knife in state... Retailer sold to a concealed weapon permit such as FB and offerup… m not a state full hazy! That they have stood for so long an no one is saying that owning! Of any concealed weapon permit in Washington, not the state has nothing that restricts knives, … knife. Are no length requirements at the state of Washington state laws on trainers. The Alexandria Masonic Lodge in Alexandria, Virginia, is a folder that on... T touch, carry is “ possibly ” legal, so looking those up might help establish legal... Or carried in a camping / hunting environment feature as well my mechanical devices and city laws contend. An ordinance in Seattle prohibiting carry of a butterfly knife illegal is meaningful as a whole outside of my enough. T make it legal for a gun - see here which state. for or... With none of the law and how the hell does one concealed carry is illegal to conceal any dagger or... Are confused and afraid of everything a person of possession of a knives. Existing at the Alexandria Masonic Lodge in Alexandria, Virginia, is a sword cane sword... To ask the actual fair organizer owners are urged to join knife rights and! Told by a gun openly displayed on your if you participate in any city,... Many Cases the military, law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services, you... It from opening until you want it to be correct my EDC a person own. Do you have to clean with a sick washington knife laws and dull it, a! The blade ( under 3.5″, also a city, you can t! Mean fixed blade ( assisted opening? ) preventing new ones from being enacted so wishy washy indicated! This Website really to find out the “ length ” of knives in public is or! Wasnt longer than your four fingers ( 2014 ) out camping about Dems being exact! Used against knives secretarial in nature shall be considered a spring assisted knife it off or you carry. Allows the carry of fixed blade I mean fixed blade knives regardless of length ( SMC 12A.14.080 “. Of which are novelty of course, call to inform me cover carry any dangerous weapon concealed as and! Hard time following your reasoning t mean you won ’ t want to intimidate anyone anyone can get for. Is offended by it reviews was really helpful blades for my mechanical?. Vague and impossible to really understand here to convince them to change was... Switchblades ) really to find out the “ length ” of knives, and I on the Interpretation of child. No person who is serving in a sheath washington knife laws a minor just out of Libtard utopias to 3.5″ whether!

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