It’s like a microcosmic version of what life is, I think, you are just gradually progressing, just changing for the better, and that’s enriching enough as it is. In some ways it can be cathartic. We bonded over football and the fact that our sons are about the same age. Is he dead?’ But apparently a family bought him. Especially new found hipster @GrantORourke? I’m not the kind of actor who could sit and play the same character for 10 years on a TV show. Heiraten Claire und Jamie in Staffel 5 erneut?

GO: We went up to just outside Aviemore, where there’s a historical village, so we actually filmed inside a lot of the huts that are already built.

Grant O’Rourke is a Scottish actor best known for his role as Rupert MacKenzie on the Starz hit show Outlander. A lot of emphasis, is put on this idea of being classically trained; you know there’s lots of terrible classically trained actors out there.

I was a little disappointed that we never really got him to go bad, I always felt that he could have just rejected Jamie and Claire – just to say, ‘You know what, you guys are poison, I’m off, I hope you die!’ I’m always looking for the next part, the next character, it’s always the next challenge. GO: More cinema, service industry, working in restaurants, bar work, as a roofer and chimney sweep for two weeks. Wir übernehmen keine Haftung für deren Inhalte. You’ve got to find something that’s easily accessible, something close to yourself, so that’s why I made most of the choices about Rupert quite early on, and just allowed the script to build the character rather than me trying to push. He’d said, I think rather cheekily, ‘Oh yeah, everyone’s thinking about becoming fluent with it, so all you guys can just talk to each other, you know, have conversations in Gaelic.’ I was like, ‘Oh, if that the case I suppose I probably should be a team player,’ and turned up on set – no one had agreed to do that! That was it, mucking about, all day.
I prefer self-tapes because I feel like they just see the performance, and you can’t mess it up with your personality. Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? I’d pick lager, probably.

GO: I know, it feels like an achievement in this day and age.

Who is Grant O'Rourke. I was doing another play at the time as well, so I couldn’t be there all the time, and I’m a beginner, I don’t think you can ride all day, it gets boring. My favourite location? If you have not seen the episode yet, read it at your own spoiler risk.] A couple of years later you look back and think, ‘Well, maybe it wasn’t that great, and it has these problems,’ and we analyse it and externalise it and then it just becomes tawdry. First and foremost, I guess I’m not that kind of popular idea of what an actor is, by staying in character the whole time, regardless of how that makes other people feel. Some parts are written so clearly and vividly, that you don’t really have a choice but to play it that way, but the further you go back to things like Shakespeare, you still have the clues for the character in the script, but you have much more free rein. Looking back now I don’t necessarily think that everyone needs to train to be an actor. DB: To quote Charles Dickens ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’: what have been your best and your worst experiences as an actor? Tag: grant o’rourke. Clearly, Dougal … Continue reading →, **If you haven’t seen the episode yet, read at your own risk. The locations are all amazingly scouted, and what’s also incredible was they didn’t look for the traditional locations we’re used to seeing in things like Rob Roy, they tried to find new, cooler places, and I think they did a fantastic job with that. Obviously there were loads of great scenes after Angus died, beautifully written as well, some of the most satisfying things to play, but I was happy enough to say goodbye to him. Jamie and Claire are on the horse taking to each other and I make a toast. We had this joke, for a while, about Claire just basically being ‘Captain Buzzkill’, she’d just go out of her way to find us and tell us to stop having fun, and then go away again. Out of curiosity what was the reason for interviewing Grant ? Although, saying that, I think I would be great casting for a spy, because most spies are actually just middle-aged men with normal dad bods, not running about fighting people, just doing elaborate administration.

DB: The very final section, after Culloden, is very emotive, what was your experience filming that?

We (the main Highlanders) all had individual meetings with Carol Ann Crawford, the Scots and voice consultant, and we were all doing Highland accents. From the point of view of being a croupier it was kind of a fun thing to do, the world is interesting, but it was too depressing on a deep, profound, moral level. It was a great end as well, in terms of being the best written ‘Rupert’ episode out of all because it was nice to be a bit more active, to have a bit more agency and get to show this side of Rupert. It was a big job, I mean it would be a big job now if I got it, in terms of scale or length of the job, 8 months. Einige Links zu Shops können einen so genannten Affiliate-Code beinhalten.

GO: The voice is interesting. They’re not going to fire me now!’ I started to relax more. How am I going to do this?’ And then that feeling when you’ve got everything rearranged and you’re like, ‘This is amazing! Why do you ask?’ She said, ‘It’s very understandable for people to feel that kind of disenchantment for the first time.’ I had considered it but I think I’m just so bloody-minded, I was like, ‘No, I’ve made my mind up, I’ve decided I’m going to be an actor, so that’s what I’m going to be now.’ I wasn’t very well-behaved when I was at drama school, or in my first couple of years as an actor. You’re teaching students acting, it’s totally subjective, so what worked for me doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. I’m not torturing myself and punishing myself, I do the work that I’m capable of to the best of my ability, and I always try and push myself enough so that I feel that I’ve expanded my comfort zone a little bit. The ethereal nature of doing work in front of an audience is, I think, the only reason I’m still an actor.

Sometimes I just don’t like my choices and when you’re on stage it’s ethereal, and it’s live, a piece of art that just exists in everyone’s memories and therefore it’s this amorphous experience, that has different significance and impact. Early on in the process, before we started shooting, you went to all these meetings with all these different people, and I remember the costuming, having to get a separate person to measure me for my boots, and then the rest of the costume was just two Italian gentlemen – who were dressed beautifully – just talking, doing my measurements in Italian. It’s also about marrying parts of yourself with these reactions of another person.

DB: That’s a shame because that would have been pretty cool. DB: How did you feel, leaving a character like Rupert behind, after playing him for such a long while?

DB: How’s being a husband and a father changed your approach, if at all, towards your life and your craft? Did I hurt you?’ And being, ‘Don’t worry about it,’ or getting like, ‘He’s bloody dangerous!’ Whereas the stuntmen, their job literally is to throw themselves about to make you look as good as possible. **If you haven’t seen the episode yet, read at your own risk. Bei Fehlern oder Problemen bitte das. They got Sam to do one balancing and twizzling his around on his hand in one of the scenes. So just what has Grant been up to in the last year or so. You get to know these facets of yourself without the repercussions. Episode 301, “The Battle Joined” Written by Ronald D. Moore, Directed by Brendan Maher Review: It has … Continue reading →, With the new Outlander Season 3 trailer release this week there is a renewed fan excitement that has been laying dormant during this Droughtlander. I was on stage pretty much the whole time, running off one side, right round the back and then back on as the other twin. I think it’s quite a nice emotional grounding for a person to have both of those things, sometimes you tend to be characterised quite heavily by which sibling you are, so it was nice to have both of those roles. – the Gaelic and much more.

DB: Do you not like watching yourself in anything? Wir und unsere Partner nutzen auf Netzwelt Technologien wie beispielsweise Cookies, um Inhalte und Werbung zu personalisieren und den Website-Traffic zu analysieren. I got asked to audition for it, my agent explained what it was, I’d never heard of it. I think there’s a kind of psychological scarring there. I had various horses after that. Also Rupert didn’t really say goodbye to Angus, didn’t really acknowledge that he was dead, he just sort of kept that promise to take his sword, which I felt was something really ‘practical’ about him, beautiful, and really Scottish about that idea of ‘I don’t really know how I feel about this, I’m going to act, do something.’ It was a really nicely written scene and I did get a little lump in my throat when I read it the first time, and that’s very rare in a script. Anatomy Lesson 9: “The Gathering” or “Gore by a Boar” ... Outlander Anatomist.

( Log Out /  There was nowhere else really for him to go, as a character. It was a year filming the first season and wherever we were, we had a little semicircle of chairs that we all just went and sat in… and complained about something. Not even the old Scots, there was a lot of improvising and reactions, in one scene I told Duncan to, ‘Away and shite!’. If you have not yet seen the episode, read at your own risk.

It’s a world class course – the RSAMD is one of the top drama schools in the world now – it gives you a great exposure to a lot of tools that you may, or may not, find useful but that are all useful. GO: All of it! I remember – it was the most liberating thing – I just sat down in the exam, looked at the paper, turned over the page, and didn’t do a single thing, just put my head on the desk and went to sleep! I remember when I started watching House of Cards I didn’t really understand a lot of the American political process, so it became like Shakespeare at one point, but I let it wash over me. He’s a lovely guy, really easy to get on with, it makes it really easy to work with someone like that. The thing in Taggart, I was playing a reporter on the TV in a scene, but my agent had managed to wrangle it – essentially 10 minutes of work – in such a way that I was doing them on two separate days over two weeks, so I got double the money that I would have got (it was great work on her part). I’m always just trying to find the next thing that I’m interested in – maybe I have an attention deficit issue…. Do you know the story behind that? Though you say that, I’m just about to do another one-man show, so… it’s not as solitary as that. Wird Jaden Smith in der "Karate Kid"-Serie auftreten?

The writer John Byrne, who wrote The Slab Boys Trilogy, I remember someone telling me that he always said he didn’t like talking about what he was writing because as soon as you start talking about it it takes all of the air out of it, and you don’t want to write it any more.
They were cool and I loved the soft leather. GO: Yeah I do sometimes, I just wear whatever. GO: When he’s doing his best Steve McQueen in the Magnificent Seven.

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