Dr. MERRET informs us, that he under|took this work at the request of a book|seller, to supply the deficiencies of How's "Phytologia," after that work was out of print; and that it was intended to have been done jointly with Dr. DALE, whose death, soon after the design was formed, Fructu sicco; non siliquoso, nec umbili|cato; et Miscellaneae. Then follows a brief Synopsis Etymologica, and a useful list of the plants as they flower in each month, pointing out the duration of the time. 133. There are also several figures to which no descrip|tion of the plants can be found; for in|stance, the six figures of the Geraniums from FUCHSIUS occur, with a slight mention of only two species in the text. duorum praecedentium; species omnes, vel omissas, vel post volumina illa evulgata editas, praeter in|numeras fere novas et indictas ab amicis com|municatas, complectens: cum synonymis necessa|riis, et usibus in cibo, medicina, et mechanicis. He and Hazel welcomed their first child Ava in June 2020. Folio. BROWNE. System had been studied, and in some measure established, both at home and abroad. The first edition was dedicated to Lord BURLEIGH; but that nobleman dying be|fore the publication of the second, it was inscribed to his patron, Sir Walter RA|LEIGH. His book De Herbis, sive de Nominibus ac Virtutibus Herbarum, alone comes under our cognizance: In this he recites the names of medicinal herbs, in the Greek, Latin, Egyptian, Punic, Celtic, and Da|cian, and of some in the oriental languages.

This he performed, though it was never pub|lished; and the manuscript is extant in the library of the Royal Society. Cell culture experiments and tumor xenograft models proved the protective effect of fibroblast‐derived WNT16B, indicating that WNT16B secreted by stroma attenuates cancer cell apoptosis induced by genotoxicity, and compromises drug response through activation of a DNA damage secretory program (DDSP)92, 93 (Fig. Not having seen this volume I can give no further ac|count of it. These are GERARD and PARKINSON, and the two BAUHINES; nor are others wanting, when characteristic of the plant. But to proceed: That England and France,Page  283 Advances in Molecular Mechanisms for Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions in Regulating Tumor Immune Responses. PARKINSON however, as I apprehend, was the first author, who separately describ|ed and figured the subjects of the Flower Garden. Divers manuscripts of it are extant in the English libraries; as, at Cambridge, in the Bodleian, Ashmolean, and Sloanean collections. 8o. ECM, extracellular matrix; CAF, carcinoma‐associated fibroblast; ROS, reactive oxygen species; RNS, reactive nitrogen species. Observationibus nonnullis de seminibus Plan|tarum et indice copioso. Mr. RAY admitted the opinion of Dr. He even discovered some that were unknown to the preceding botanists, although these were the regions of GESNER, and the BAUHINES. Among the various enquiries which em|ploy the pens of the learned, none perhaps afford more general satisfaction, than such as relate to the origin and progress of science and literature. Finally, that if those enumerated in the note so ill express the plants designed, it must be wholly attributed to the fault of the copier or engraver. This nomenclator is, I believe, be|come very scarce; since it has not yet found its way into the copious and magnificent collection of Sir Joseph BANKS.

Sarie is a writer and editor for BCK's Los Angeles division. A life of MORISON is prefixed to this volume, and an engraving of him done by White, with Dr. PITCAIRN's Tetrastic underneath. This was in the year 1565. RHOA Stars Porsha Williams & Kenya Moore Expose Each Other at the Reunion? Jacob BOBART, the continuator of MO|RISON's History, was the son of Jacob, the first superintendant of the Garden, upon its foundation in 1632. A copious index of names to all the plants of his "Herbal," with the synonyms; especially of the older au|thors; of such as are mentioned in TRA|DESCANT; BAUHINE's Pinax; of those which are in the foreign botanical gardens, and not in that of Oxford; and lastly, of those in the PHYTOLOGIA BRITANNICA. RAIUS." He afterwards confirms his posi|tions, by additional arguments recited in a letter to Dr. ROBINSON. How|ever, I suspect it to be a mistake, as no such edition is quoted by RAY. Why they did not appear, no cause is assigned; nor do I find any further no|tices of them. dignum opus, et totius rei herbariae eo aevo notae, compendium. It is, in reality, a repository of all that was valuable in the ancients, in his immediate predecessors, and in the discove|ries of his own time, relating to the history of vegetables, and is executed with that accuracy and critical judgment which can only be exhibited by superior talents. Page  230 With this, I will say that this picture might be pretty with the colors & this reveal was so special to us, but recently with these fires, I want to point out that I cannot recommend a smoke reveal any longer. that there were paintings of plants in his day; but he complains, that, through the inaccuracy of copiers, they were not to be depended on. cum Iconibus. These travels are highly valued for their authenticity, and are replete with sound and instructive erudition to the medallist and antiquary.

I don’t need it. It may be conjectured, that after a perfect elaboration of the juices in the antherae and stigmata, some species of attraction takes place be|tween them, perhaps of the electrical kind, somewhat like this having been manifested in the flashings observable in some flowers in the evenings.

To date majority of the proposed molecules for individualized cancer treatments are based on mutations found in particular subtypes of human malignancies, such as TMPRSS2‐ERG gene fusions in prostate cancer patients.
Page  223 This work was the labour of PARKIN|SON's life, and was not published until he was arrived at a very advanced period.

His Paradisus Terrestris is much commended, and his garden referred to as abounding in choice plants. Botanical gar|dens, although several, both public and pri|vate, had been established, did not, however,

to be the convolvulus major of the mo|derns; and the telephium, the cerinthe minor. I’m busy as f*ck over here but I will make time…I’m too old for this BS.”. To these works the English botanist owes the first knowledge of some English plants; and this circumstance justly entitles him to a place in this work*. Conrad GESNER, the LINNAEUS of the age in which he lived, is universally agreed to have been the first who suggested this true principle of classical distinction, and generical character, as is manifest from va|rious passages in the Epistles of that great man*. He had seen, with deep regret, the disorders of the commonwealth and the usurpation, and afterwards, not less, the threatening aspect of the reign of James II. Mr. RAY continued, after his marriage, to reside at Middleton Hall, where his engage|ments at this period of his life, were such as called forth all the talents of his literary abilities, and demanded all his care as a faithful guardian. General state of Botanical knowledge during the dominion of the Saracens—Corrupt translations of Dioscorides—Avicenna—Aschard, or Ebn Beithar, the capital Writer in Botany among the Arabians—Schola Salernitana—English Wri|ters during the middle ages—Henry of Hunt|ingdon—Arviel—Bray—Legle, or Gil|bertus Anglicus—Ardern—Daniel—Bollar—Horman—MSS. ", "is sprung the greatest store that is now flourishing in this kingdom. He drew some from a manuscript of Dr. JOHNSON, the editor of GERARD. Page  192 Intertropical productions had been but sparingly import|ed. The Addenda to the second volume con|tain several interesting catalogues; such are those of ZANONI's History, consisting of new Italian, Swiss, and Milanese plants; those of BREYNIUS; a catalogue of the plants of Virginia, observed by Mr. BANIS|TER; and a compend of those of Mexico, from HERNANDEZ, who, at the expence of sixty thousand ducats, had procured the paintings of 1200 species, which pe|rished in a fire of the Escurial. Turner—Anecdotes of his life—Account of his writings preceding the Herbal—His Herbal: the first original book of Botany, published in England—An account of that work—Contem|porary Botanists mentioned by TURNER, as Falconer, Wooton, Merdy, Clement—Tur|ner's book on baths—Turner not sufficiently ap|preciated by succeeding Botanists. It even does not appear that he had the assistance of an amanuensis in this labour; which he effected, however, with a skill and judgment that gained him the applause of all succeeding masters in the science. Nice discrimination of species from each other, or from varieties, must not be ex|pected in this work, more than in GE|RARD, or his Emaculator. Contemporary assistants—Goodyer—Bowles—Tunstal—Glyn—Morgan. Mr. RAY himself had but a small share in the augmentations that were made to this edi|tion. I’m not here to be ridiculed, judged, or told what to do like I’m some kid.
Parkinson—Brief account of his life—His Pa|radisus: the best view of the state of the flower garden in that age—Theatrum Botanicum: a more original and laboured performance than Gerard's Herbal—Its merit not sufficiently ac|knowledged by his successors. His lab covers rational design, preclinical development, and clinical translation of novel chemotherapeutic agents as supporting arms to improve outcomes of chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted therapy, through synergistic combinations. "Emaculator" afterwards, in 1633 and 1636, procured all the blocks from Frank|fort, with which the Herbal of TABERNAE|MONTANUS had been illustrated. In the opinion of SEGUIER, the first book on plants, with figures, was printed LOBEL had meditated a very large work, which was to have borne the title of "IL|LUSTRATIONES PLANTARUM;" but he lived not to finish it. He also observes, that number|less plants, which agree in the structure of the flower; differ materially in habit, and others vice versa. The qualities, whether hot or cold, dry or moist, accord|ing to the Galenic mode of the time, is in|variably noticed, followed generally by a prolix account of the diseases to which the plant is applicable, and the method of using it. Page  168 Whe|ther she was allied to Sir John TUNSTAL, noticed in the account of JOHNSON, I can|not ascertain. II. He assisted GESNER, as appears by his observations De Herbarum Natura et Vir|tutibus, cum Iconibus elegantibus. These little tracts are become very scarce. DODONAEUS, besides some new blocks, had the use of all the above in the "Pemptades," in 1584, which work contains 1300 figures. There was a print of LOBEL, but it is very scarce, I have Page  180

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