Kanjigar the Courageous is Draal's father and the noble Trollhunter prior to Jim. Morgana used Claire to tell Gunmar how to bring the Eternal night, trying to kill her own boyfriend Jim, and trapping her soul in the Shadow Realm.

NotEnrique After being corrupted by the Shadow Staff, her blue streak changed to white. As a Tribunal member, she is strict and judgmental and leads the Tribunal to act against Jim and his friends. Usurna is the queen of the Krubera, AAARRRGGHH!!! He is defeated by Aja and Krel.
He is killed by Jim in the first part of Trollhunters. A recurring antagonist of Trollhunters. Originally, he served as a soldier of Gunmar's before abandoning the warlord and moving to Trollmarket. 1. He's a student at Arcadia Oaks Academy, works part time at GDT Arcane Books, and along with his familiar, Archie, helps to protect Arcadia from magical threats. Krel Tarron is a member of House Tarron, a royal family in Akiridion-5. James "Jim" Lake Junior is the first human Trollhunter and a reluctant hero dealing with the pressures of leading a double life. A main character of 3Below. Claire and Archie appear to be on good terms with each other. He holds a special disdain for Changelings, whom he considers "impure", putting him at odds with Strickler and other Changelings who seek to free Gunmar. Also, she killed Vendel at the end of Part 2. also if we're being realistic he's at least 1900 years old and claire is possibly immortal now bc she's also a witch?. Background information Originally, Claire was more distant and hostile towards Toby and often forgot his name, no matter how many times he told her. She is the tritagonist of Trollhunters and a major character in 3Below and Wizards. Wizards. A main character of Trollhunters. He later develops feelings for Aja, unaware she is an alien. He has no qualms about enslaving or killing his fellow trolls to accomplish his goals.

Douxie: What should I say to Y/n if I see them? Draal is the son of the previous Trollhunter, Kanjigar.

Rupert Penry-Jones as Sir Lancelot: The most famous of Arthur's knights, Lancelot is a dashing knight in Wizards and becomes something of a mentor to Steve. He is Arcadia’s local dentist, the former employer of Gladys Groe, and Toby Domzalski's orthodontist. Barbara Lake is Jim's protective and overworked mother. A recurring character of Trollhunters.

jazz1987 on 10/09/18 He actively sparred with her, blaming her for losing the kill stone they needed to kill Gunmar. Claire Nuñez is Jim's love interest. A recurring character of 3Below. He typically takes the form of a black cat, but can also transform into other creatures, including a dragon-form. The central antagonist of Trollhunters being the main antagonist of part two and central antagonist of part three. in Film Studies in 2009. Ophilia is the mother of Claire Nuñez and the councilwoman of Arcadia Oaks. Claire is the voice of Lexi Mendaro. Prior to his death, he was hoping to be named "Unkar the Ultimate". In Part Three, however, when Angor reforms to try and stop Morgana, he tries to use the last of his moments to help Claire trap the evil witch in the Shadow Realm.
Absolutely loved it, even if I’m still scrubbing off the makeup an hour later…, bro u know doux is 19 and claire is like 16 right. Union Berlin Vs Sc Paderborn 07, Since then, they pretend being foreign exchange students from "Cantaloupia" while trying to fix their spaceship. When we arrive at your location, we assess your plumbing issues, discuss alternatives with you, and provide up-front pricing before we begin work on your project. Her helmet is similar to Morgana's but it shows most of her face. Kay Bess & Piotr Michael as Bellroc: The final member of the Arcane Order is Bellroc, the Keeper of the Flame. Sarah Moran has been a Screen Rant contributor since 2014. Portrayed by Anton Yelchin (2016–2018)[3][2] and Emile Hirsch (2018–present).[4]. He travel to Bulgaria's Black Sea and made a deal with Morgana, surrendering his own soul in return for his mystical powers. Draal explains that his father kept a distance from him as he grew up, and he had hoped to become the next Trollhunter that he might earn his father's approval. Varvatos Vex is a Commander who serves House Tarron. A recurring character of Trollhunters, debuting in the second season and a major character in Wizards Merlin is the wizard who created the Trollhunter's Amulet of Daylight. Emile Hirsch has voiced Jim since season 3 of Trollhunters, having taken over the role from Anton Yelchin. Claire is described as being very pretty. The character is set to re-appear Wizards: Tales of Arcadia, the conclusion of the series. NotEnrique is the Changeling swapped with Claire's baby brother Enrique. A minor character of Trollhunters. The following is a list of characters who have appeared. Royal High School Summer School, 1 Romances 1.1 Jim Lake Jr. 1.2 Douxie Casperan (briefly) 1.3 Steve Palchuk (formerly) 2 Family 2.1 Ophelia and Javier Nuñez 2.2 Enrique Nuñez 2.3 NotEnrique 3 Friends/Allies 3.1 Mary Wang and Darci Scott 3.2 Toby Domzalski 3.3 Blinky Galadrigal 3.4 AAARRRGGHH!!! She is eventually pushed into a pool by her own people when she admits to giving AARGH and other Kubera to Gunmar for his army. Kelsey Grammer as Blinkous "Blinky" Galadrigal: Along with the returning humans and wizards of Tales of Arcadia's massive cast, several trolls are also appearing in Wizards. Sarah is also the Editor-in-Chief of Kabooooom.com, a website devoted to reviewing, ranting, and raving about comic books and all they inspire. Fialkov Tarron is the king of Akiridion-5.

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