Volvo's focus on safety made it a parental favorite until U.S. safety standards finally caught up, which is why we can understand a refresh each time they punch up the engine options, add all-wheel drive, or make multiple airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, side-impact protection, and whiplash-absorbing seat-back hinges standard. Some consider the 850R the true beginning of Volvo performance cars, offering a turbocharged five-cylinder engine, real corning grip, and strong braking. Here's one in pristine condition you can own right now. Years produced: 1955-72Original starting price: $2,571 The Nomad was outright sassy for a wagon: Two doors, a sleek roofline, and fins kicked off the series, though it became more utilitarian as the years went on. “Full-size pickup trucks are becoming much more family-friendly vehicles,” Kaufman says. The “King of the Road” has to go to Oldsmobile for the Vista Cruiser! If you think there is a production wagon that should have made the list then let us know in the comments below. The glass roof panels let in a little more sunshine for the kids as they rode in the optional 3rd seat. World's leading marketplace. Years produced: 1985-2016Original starting price: $21,340, $30,984 and $28,285 Most other automakers would take a successful vehicle brand and stick with it for decades at a time. Not to be outdone by Chevy, Ford also produced a tough looking two-door wagon called the Ranch Wagon. It was ventilated all the way to the wayback, had covered headlights, and got a driver-side airbag and three-point seatbelts throughout as the years went on. This means that finding a classic station wagon in decent condition can be a difficult task. That answer has changed over the years. The E60 (or E61 in wagon trim) was also offered as a Touring variant in Europe. “Subaru saw Outback sales soar after it increased the vehicle’s ride height and overall size heading into the 2010 model year, and the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen and Audi A4 Allroad offer features like all-wheel drive and protective body cladding,” says Matt Smith, senior editor at CarGurus. Get New & Used Jaguar XF Prices The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is one of the best-looking station wagons on the market, bar none. The owner says the original owners manual, warranty book and build sheet are […] It would set a precedent for liftgates in modern SUVs. “They're still basically station wagons, but they have an extra inch and a half of ride height to make them a little friendlier if you're driving down a dirt road.” If you're nostalgic, however, here are reminders of when this big family car ruled the roads. It got just four years on the road, but enough childhoods were spent in this car to make it a fixture in “Wayne's World” and the “Cars” films. If you thought the Evo IX was cool before, we're sure you're going to love this car. ", Years produced: 1997-presentOriginal starting price: $18,695 Is it a wagon or an SUV? Five of the Coolest Classic Station Wagons Ever Made. It came too late. To me the Chrysler New Yorker wagons looked like something that the president or other dignitaries would travel in. Here are some of the best wagons on earth. If you were looking for the 1965 Mustang Wagon featured at the top of this article it didn’t make the list because it was never put into production by Ford. Yep, we can get on board with that. All calls welcome. The Town & Country had evolved into a chromed-out wagon with tailgate and rear washer — and nearly 19 feet of length — by 1968 and got some fake wood paneling in the 1970s (also on its smaller “K-car” in the '80s). Station wagons are some of the coolest cars on earth. Well, this wagon version of the Chevrolet Corvair not only ran on a sluggish 80-horsepower engine, but tossed that engine in the back of the vehicle like a Volkswagen Beetle. And unlike previous iterations, it's actually be for sale in America. Aug 17, 2015 Next to supercars like the Ferrari 458 Speciale, the Lamborghini Huracán or the Porsche GT3 RS, a great station wagon is an automotive journalist’s dream. The New Yorker is the vehicle that helped catapult Chrysler as a luxury car manufacturer back in the 40s. SUBSCRIBE NOW AND GET 11 OF OUR BEST RESTORATION TIPS. Collectors often seek out vehicles that remind them of their childhood. Years produced: 1975-93Original starting price: $5,795 At this point in Volvo's history, people drove them primarily for their safety. It might not be much of a performance car, but the 240 is a great wagon all the same. Its “magic doorgate” flipped down like a truck tailgate or swung open like a door. Either way this station wagon makes our list for its cool style and unparalleled luxury. It would set a precedent for liftgates in modern SUVs. 1978-'81 Chevrolet Malibu Classic Sharp, clean-cut styling and basic mechanicals are the hallmarks of these wonderful station wagons. By 1990, however, it was a wood-paneled minivan, following families from one iconic vehicle to the next. 10 of the Best Historical American Station Wagons If you don’t think station wagons are cool, take a look at these classic American wagons and change your mind. Too bad. “There are not a lot of station wagons — but what we're seeing a little bit more of is manufacturers taking a station wagon, lifting it a little bit, and labeling it an SUV alternative,” says Will Kaufman, editor at automotive analysis and pricing site Edmunds. The wagon version wasn't big — just 5 inches longer than the standard coupe — but it was an affordable point of entry that was easy on fuel mileage at a time most vehicles weren't. With a second-row sunroof, woodgrain side panels, automatic climate control, the ability to pull 7,000 pounds, and an optional rear-facing third row of seats, the Roadmaster — and its lower-budget siblings, the Chevrolet Caprice wagon and Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser — was a perfect wagon. Years produced: 1957-91Original starting price: $3,677 The Colony Park was a woodgrain-paneled wagon from its start as a somewhat snazzier version of Ford's Country Squire. Like the CTS-V, the E34-generation M5 Touring checks all the boxes. There was also the V70R, which made 300 horsepower and had an optional six-speed manual transmission. But with the B6-generation, you could. From the late ’50s to the early ’70s (coincidentally the golden era of station wagons), Americans fell in love with performance and horsepower, and Detroit was more than happy to indulge them, no matter what kind of car they bought. It was form over function, which is why it would become a four-door everyday wagon before its demise. A new generation of collectors in their 30s and 40s are no longer looking for the Model A Ford, but instead are searching for station wagons that were used as the family utility vehicle in the 60s and 70s. Years produced: 1941-2016Original starting price: $2,950 Before automakers covered their station wagons in fake wood paneling, Chrysler had the first real “woodie,” with actual wooden doors and side panels. We appreciate and commend the owners of these wagons for bringing them back to their original glory and beyond! The ultimate all-weather daily-driver? Sadly, it's not sold in America. Traditionally, Audi hasn't brought its wast wagons to the U.S. First introduced in 1939, the Chrysler New Yorker was the longest running American… Years produced: 1961-63Original starting price: $2,331 Do you like going really slow in a dangerous automobile? We in America love to fawn over the sedan and Ute variants of Holden's Commodore, but did you know it also offered a wagon version? We may earn a commission through links on our site. 1955 Thunderbird Wagon Retrofit Prototype. The Ford Taurus was one of Ford’s very last conventional station wagons that were built off an existing sedan. In their heyday, there were affordable wagons, luxurious wagons, and — our personal favorite — fast wagons. Check. It's rear-wheel drive, just like the rest of the lineup, and could be optioned with a V-8. The long Cutlasses of the 1970s and the shorter, more utilitarian Cutlass family of Cieras, Supremes, and Calaises would make the Cutlass a fixture in family driveways. Featuring the same 288-horsepower four-cylinder and all-wheel drive, we're sure it's a hoot to drive. Just look how pretty it is. Collectors and wagon enthusiast today put their own spin on the New Yorker to keep its original stately look or add a little flare to make it more of a street machine. Though it may wear an Audi badge, many of the RS2's parts are actually sourced from Porsche. This is the wagon that introduced kids to “the wayback.”, Years produced: 1956-91Original starting price: $3,140 This wasn't a car of its own, but Pontiac's designation for each of its wagons. By Amos Kwon. Not the biggest station wagon ever produced but this 1972 Town & Country found on Hemmings seems to go on forever. “Those are where you're seeing a ton of innovation in interior storage tricks, comfort features, and trick tailgates that could have built-in steps or multifunction tailgates.”, Years produced: 1980-88Original starting price: $7,718 Crossover SUVs owe much to the AMC Eagle. Years produced: 1972-77Original starting price: $2,587 As a station wagon version of American Motors Corp.’s best-selling car and the first U.S.-made hatchback, the Sportabout used a liftgate-style hatchback instead of swing-out or fold-down tailgate. It was one of the last dependable models from the wagon's twilight. With a General Motors V8 under the hood, the Wagonaire could lug items that would otherwise be too bulky to carry. The look is unmistakable and is well deserving of making the top of our list. The station wagon still exists on U.S. roadways, but its golden era has long passed. At the end of the '90s, Ford turned the Taurus into a giant oval and cheapened its features; by 2007, it was dead as a midsize and resurrected as a full-size, but sales plummeted. They have always had their place amongst classic car enthusiasts, but lately the number of fans is growing. Chevrolet invented several family cars in one stroke by debuting the Suburban in 1936; it's rolled into the modern day as an extended, truck-based SUV. It would set a precedent for liftgates in modern SUVs. If you can find one, don't hesitate to snatch it up. Down the street!” Alex Chilton and the cast of “That '70s Show” did more for the reputation of the Vista Cruiser than Oldsmobile itself. It was the company’s first all steel-bodied station wagon as the era of wood-bodies wagons was coming to an end in the early 50s. Check. But instead of a supercharged V-8, it uses a motorsport-derived high-revving straight-six. Cheapism may earn a commission if you buy through a link on our site. “I loved rear-facing seats,” Kaufman says. Good luck finding an intact model today. This one has the stick, and you can own it. coconv has uploaded 13222 photos to Flickr. May 29, 2020 - Explore Mike Triwolf's board "Classic Station Wagons" on Pinterest. Ford designers and other restoration experts have customized Mustangs in the past to make them into wagons. The Magnum is based on the Charger, and received the same Hemi V-8 in its SRT version. So says the current owner of this 1971 Plymouth Fury II C, Chatham Ivy tees and totes celebrate the magic of New England! The Star Chief, Astre, Bonneville, Catalina, Executive, Grand Ville, LeMans, Parisienne, 6000, Sunbird, and Tempest all got the Safari tag as wagons, but the Grand Safari built on the Bonneville and Grand Ville body was the most impressive — more than 19 feet long, with 5.5 feet of interior space from side to side, and weighing nearly 5,300 pounds at its peak, which would become its greatest drawback. Like the sedan, it came with a 500-horsepower naturally aspirated V-10. Years produced: 1979-85Original starting price: $24,569 Much of the modern wagon market is firmly in the hands of luxury brands, but a Mercedes-Benz wagon was far more of a novelty in the U.S. when this version was released. Related: Top-Rated Truck and SUV Tires That Won’t Break the Bank. Unfortunately, people from the 50, 60s and 70s did not view these cars as future collectibles like they did with Mustangs, Corvettes and other more sought after cars of the time. Built on the same platform as the compact Impreza, the Forester began its life as a taller wagon. Here's one you can own right now. Almost purposefully ugly and available with a big-block V8 engine, the Chevelle could haul either groceries or a load of cinder blocks and still beat sportier cars off the line.

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