I’m as devastated as everyone else with these two people.

They were in chapters [of my life]. Seven huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Scott’s horror robbery and a shock shooting. The thing is, the two of them understand each other, and when they get together they can laugh at the same things, and at themselves.".

Dick Ebserol, the president of NBC Sports, went looking around the bowels of the Garden and eventually found Rashad back where the circus animals were caged during basketball games. Rashad reached for a chip, took a big scoop of guacamole, and felt Sinatra watch him take a bite. He invites me to interview him during the NBA Finals. Aside from Ahmad Rashad also being a fellow black professional athlete, he and MJ are frat brothers (Omega Psi Phi) which is why he gets all the exclusives. While you get those fun stories, you get an inside look at how Rashad made a great career in TV and he shared a piece of advice he got on interviewing from his mentor, Ed Bradley, about conducting interviews. Actually, both Rashad and Thomas are correct about the jealousy of Rashad's cozy relationship with Jordan. “Here’s my feeling about that,” he says, “everybody has their cross to bear.

Everyone was getting to know the name Ahmad Rashad. Of all his famous friends, Rashad is most closely associated with Michael Jordan. I assume It was a little of both. But while many of his relationships endure, it's his famous daughter who puts the Rashad name on marquees today. Jordan may be Rashad’s closest friend, but after reading his book, you could argue that his two most influential friends were Simpson and Cosby. . Greeny also asked about Rashad’s relationship with Michael Jordan. He’s revising them out of his life right here, right now. Say this about Ahmad Rashad, he knows the value of a name—when to change it, how to develop it, and what it can come to signify over time, especially in the company of other names. And he can giggle. To be honest, from this vantage point, there really isn't much to say about Rashad's work besides that it is embarrassing, and that it speaks volumes about the world of televised sports that he has been able to stick around for as long as he has. Bill Murray. “Ahmad will probably go over [Jordan’s house] and watch games,” says Howard White, Jordan’s longtime Nike liaison who was one of the hotel room regulars. Longtime readers know that NBC's Ahmad Rashad is not usually held up in this space as a sentinel of journalistic integrity. I’m the main character in my own book. would not survive being chased around that night. In fact, Rashad and Jordan became such close friends that they have been watching The Last Dance together, according to an interview Rashad did with The Undefeated. He played tambourine onstage with Jimmy Buffett. Bradley Beal is perhaps the biggest name who could be available on the NBA trade market, though he has indicated his desire to remain with the Washington Wizards. This past summer, ESPN’s documentary series The Last Dance ended up dominating the sports talk radio world.

After time went by, Rashad says Bird looked over at Magic and said "You and I were then and Michael Jordan is now." He said to USA Today: “It was important to me that when I was growing up, there weren’t many African Americans on TV doing sports. You just don’t know. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. For Rashad, he told Greenberg not many people know that he was a football player, unless they were from the state of Minnesota and that was a goal for him as a sportscaster. Said Isiah Thomas in the piece: "People are envious of a relationship they can't have.

But like I said, that’s their cross.”, Rashad says that he had a falling out with Simpson around 1988 over a personal issue he doesn’t want to discuss and that he hasn’t spoken to Cosby in years. His circle grew to include everyone from Arthur Ashe to Sammy Davis Jr. to Sidney Poitier. Then I mention that I’ve read his book, and he realizes that I know the extent of his relationships with them. Rashad and I meet twice for lunch at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Cleveland. I don’t even know what I said! That is why he began working on his craft and doing as many shows as he could well before his playing days were over. “I feel like I know a lot of people,” he says. He even became captain of the Minnesota Vikings, per the outlet, but chose to retire at 32 and pursued a career as a sportscaster. “I’m not doing it!” he says, laughing. It's definitely that and also both are apart of the same fraternity (as am I) known as Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. With that along with numerous instances where no information was leaked from Ahmad, MJ trusted him like a true blood brother and granted him almost unlimited access to tell his side of his stories without prejudice or spite that may have come from the usual media personalities. This was in 1996, when Ali was in the throes of Parkinson’s and he could barely speak.

Ali leaned over and whispered in Rashad’s ear, “You know, we two pretty motherf------.”, Pick almost any celebrity from the 1970s, ’80s or ’90s, and Rashad has a story. Rashad said he first met Michael Jordan in 1990 in Los Angeles at Magic Johnson's Midsummer Night's Dream, a charity event, per The Undefeated. He says, ‘Come on over here and sit down.’ I sit next to him and he starts talking, and I’m just thinking, This is f------ Frank Sinatra.

Rashad details their relationship in his autobiography, Rashad, which was published in 1988, when he was 38 and about to enter his prime as a broadcaster. As Bobby Moore, he was an All-America running back his senior year at Oregon and was then picked fourth overall in the ’72 NFL draft by the St. Louis Cardinals, who used him as a wideout. But he’ll be hard to get ahold of . It was in Eugene that Rashad made one of his first famous connections. Those two guys’ crosses are pretty f------ heavy.

Barrett Sports Media delivers news, advice, and opinion on the sports radio, TV, and print industries. I assume Rashad had great access because he was trusted by Jordan. He used to be a regular at Elaine’s. You can find him on Twitter @Rickinator555 or reach him by email at RickJKeeler@gmail.com. “He had those relationships to get directly to players.” Ebersol also installed Rashad as the sideline reporter on the NBC game of the week. “I’ve been watching your career.”, “Then I couldn’t hear—I went deaf,” Rashad says. A profile of the former Minnesota Vikings-Buffalo Bills receiver in the current issue of Playboy provides some rather distressing evidence that Rashad has lost any sense of journalistic perspective if, in fact, he ever had it. We'll see tomorrow when Josh Lewin and George Brett, who had booth duties for last week's Fox Orioles-Indians telecast, draw the same assignment tomorrow in Baltimore. Aside from Ahmad Rashad also being a fellow black professional athlete, he and MJ are frat brothers (Omega Psi Phi) which is why he gets all the exclusives.

Don’t let a game run your life.” When both of Rashad’s parents died in 1980, Cosby started introducing him as his eldest son. There’s something I want to say.'”. In the star studded field, the first person Rashad was introduced to was Michael Jordan.

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