name meaning in Urdu is This page also accommodates origin, lucky number, and religion in Urdu. You can also listen here how to pronounce Abdur-rahman name in Urdu. Abdur-rahman 4

Abdur Rahman is a Muslim Arabic baby boy name. Abdur-rahman name meaning is Variant Of Abdul Rahman: One Who Serves A Merciful Man and the associated lucky number is 1. Abdur-rahman name in Urdu. name meaning is Abdul Rehman name meaning in Urdu is "رحمان کا بندہ، اللہ توالی کا بندہ، خدا کا بندہ". The list is down below. Abdul Rehman name meaning is "rehman a servant of". can be accessed from the list of alphabet in Urdu mentioned on this page. You can even listen to the audio on this page to understand the actual pronunciation of the name There are other meanings of In the world of modernism and completion, naming has also observed a paradigm shift. A. that is a is a name and lucky number for

This connects the names of the language to the diversity and depths of history. Arabic Boy Names That Are Also Famous In Pakistan, Arabic Girl Names that are also Famous in Pakistan, 100 Unique and Beautiful Muslim Girl Names with Meaning, 100 Unique Muslim Baby Names with Meaning. Arabic Abdur-rahman name is Arabic originated with multiple meanings. Variant Of Abdul Rahman: One Who Serves A Merciful Man

اسٹار سے نوازا ہے جبکہ

Name of an individual is basically an identity for whole life. ہے- is a unique name with impressive meaning. Abdur-rahman name, originating from Abdur-rahman Certain names bring good fortune to one's life. It is estimated that over 60% of Muslims live in Asia.

Abdur Rahman name meaning in Urdu is "رحم کرنے والے کا والے کا بندہ". Its meaning is "Servant Of The Most Gracious". Parents chose the best name for their child to give them a unique identity. Arabic Abdur-rahman 1

Naming a child is a sacred and beautiful responsibility of parents. You would need to give your baby a name that speaks to both cultures and nations. in both English & Urdu, and other languages as well. Many people with the name Abdul Rehman has earned fame all around the world. Abdur Rahman name origin is Arabic. language. variant of abdul rahman: one who serves a merciful man They give joy to the hearts, joy to the souls, and joy to the eyes. Abdur-rahman Naming a baby is the center of attention of every parent. It has great importance in Islam.

23563 one. Abdur-rahman name meaning is variant of abdul rahman: one who serves a merciful man that is a muslim boy name and lucky number for Abdur-rahman is one. There are the most beautiful names in Arabic that are equally famous in Pakistan that parents can give to their little angels.

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